Beware of "Simplified" Solar Estimates!

Solar panels are quickly becoming the top investment for homes and businesses. The process to get solar has never been easier! But just how “simple” can it be to get solar? The quick answer is that designing a system can be complicated. With many options on equipment, sizing, and placement, how can you know what is best for you?!

This statement is not to discourage you from going solar, but to help you better understand the process. For customers, getting solar installed at their home or business, should be made rather easy! Solar energy experts are here to make the process easier for you; but most importantly, getting it done right.

Many people looking to go solar “shop around” or get estimates from multiple companies. This is a great way to decide on your options and fully understand how a system can benefit your home. But many companies might give you a price quote the FIRST time you call them!

Wait... How in the world can they know exactly what is best for your home the first time you call them?! Especially with all the different options and ways to design a system…


This means your expert solar consultant should be taking whatever time necessary to do their due diligence in better understanding your energy needs. A part of this process is collecting your monthly electricity usages in kilowatt hours (kWh). Many times, you might only be asked to give a single month’s usage amount. If they give you a price quote after seeing only one month of usage, PROCEED WITH CAUTION…

This is a tell all sign that they are not fully assessing your home or situation. Many design software programs can “estimate” yearly usage based on a single month, but why leave it up to chance? By inputting a full year of previous usage, we can tell exactly how your home’s consumption varies each month, or changes with the seasons. Using more inclusive numbers can give a much more accurate picture of what your home needs to cover electricity usage.

Some factors can include the age of your home, quality of insulation/sealing, whether you have electric/gas heating, the size of your home, & the list goes on. Where you live regionally plays a big part as well. The ways in which each state and electricity company deal with solar are all different.

Electricity providers vary by state and the laws they operate under. Not all states use the same net metering policies which could mean a perfectly designed system here might not be a good choice in a neighboring state. Most electric companies will also have different ways they charge customers for electricity usage. We need to consider all the above-mentioned circumstances for EACH AND EVERY customer. Because the top priority in building your solar panel system correctly, is YOU, the customer.

What you specifically want to accomplish with going solar is the most important part of all. A solar expert should always take their time in asking what is important to you. Fully understanding how your home uses energy, along with your needs, are the winning combination to ensure the best possible solution for your solar panel system.

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