Can My Home Go Solar?

What makes a house a good fit to go solar? Why are some houses better for solar than others? Can my home go solar?

A few key factors will determine whether your home itself might be solar ready. The first of them, which might seem obvious, is that the panels need direct sunlight to work. Specifically, how much direct exposure they will have to sunlight can make or break how well they produce electricity.

This means the ideal placement for mounting panels is on a southern facing roof. Only have a small portion or none facing south? No problem, this won’t count you out of going solar, additional panels can be placed on the east and west roof areas. Even homes with panels only facing east/west have went solar and still generate a lot of electricity.

Another key factor is to ensure the panels won’t be shaded at all, or very minimally. Trees growing close to your home would be the most common shade. Go look around the house to see if you have any trees relatively close, if not, then you’re in luck! Going solar can be greatly beneficial, so much so, that a few of our customers have removed a tree to ensure maximum electricity production.

When mounting your shiny new solar panels to the roof, the roof’s angle can also influence efficiency. Most typical home roof pitches are within the perfect range. If your roof is too flat or steep, a solar energy expert can determine if using additional mounting hardware can achieve the right angle.

Don’t worry, when installed correctly solar panels won’t damage your home’s roof, in some instances the panels can actually protect it!

Not sure if you want to mount your solar panels to the roof? It is also possible to install them via ground mount near your home. Ground mounting your panels has advantages and disadvantages alike. Placing panels on a ground mount allows us to make sure all panels face south and angle them for best performance. While ground mounts seem like the better option, they do involve more labor and equipment. So, as you can probably guess, that likely means an increase in cost. A solar energy consultant can work with you to determine the best options that maximize energy production and give you the most bang for your buck.

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