Solo Solar prides ourselves on giving every customer a great experience!

"Solo Solar" was formerly operated as "Solar Bug LLC"

If You are Thinking About Solar - Use Solar Bug - Pull the Trigger and Do It

Customer - Riley Jones


I had a 16kw system ground-mount system installed.  The installers were professional and took care to ensure existing landscaping was not damaged during their construction phase. Only one hiccup along the way and that was on DigRite not locating all the lines properly.

About 30 days after my system was up/running Solar Bug called and said they wanted to change out the inverters since they should have been generating more power than what they were.  All inverters and monitoring panels were changed out the next day and everything is back up and running.  I had spot-checked the status of the system prior and all had appeared fine to me.  Kudo's to Solar Bug for keeping tabs on the system and taking care of issues.

Rate Hikes – Bring it On!

Customer - Robbie White

After several rate increases, I knew something had to be done.  After working with several solar companies it was clear, they were all about high-pressure sales. None of them knew about the solar systems they installed and could not answer all of our questions. We called Solar Bug who listened to our needs, answered all our questions honestly, and installed state of the art solar technology. Now we stopped wasting money on electric bills and I can buy the fishing boat I have always wanted. Thank you Solar Bug!

Solar Bug Gives You More for Less

Customer - Casey Johnson

Boy am I glad we purchased solar from Solar Bug.  Our alarm company tried to sell us a solar/alarm upgrade bundle with a smaller solar system at a higher price.  Solar Bug gave us a larger system for almost $10,000 less.  How can you argue with more for less? Thank you Solar Bug for installing a great quality system and helping us to save even more with money.  I highly recommend Solar Bug to all my friends and family.

If You Have an Energy Problem - Go With Solar Bug!

Customer - Tamera Edwards

We almost purchased solar from another company, but thank God we contacted Solar Bug instead!  Our electric bill just kept shooting higher.  I locked down the thermostat so we froze in the winter and boiled in the summer.  Whatever I did, it did not seem to make a difference.  Our electric bill kept going up and up!

Every other solar company ignored the cause of our problem and tried to sell us a massive solar system.  Solar Bug took a completely different approach.  They listened to me and installed a device to monitor our electric usage.  They told us we were not using that much electricity and worked with the electric company to prove it.  To make a long story short, the contractor, who built our duplex, swapped the meters.  We were getting billed for our neighbor’s electric usage.  Once the meter issue was fixed Solar Bug sold us a system at least half the size of what all the other companies quoted.  Even our neighbors were impressed with Solar Bug's honesty and got solar from Solar Bug.  I know Solar Bug could have made a lot more money selling us a huge system that we did not need, but they did the right thing.  They figured out what was wrong and sold us exactly what we needed. Shame on all the other solar companies!  Good Job Solar Bug A++!  Thank you for caring for my family and putting people above profits!  Do not mess around go with Solar Bug!