What Our Customers Say

Black Sky

- They fixed our energy problem

Solo-Solar actually listened to our electrical issues and found out we were getting billed off our neighbor's meter. While other solar companies kept trying to sell us a system way over-sized, Solo-Solar fixed the issue and sold us a system HALF the size other companies quoted us. Solo-Solar actually took care of us instead of trying to maximize profits like other companies.

- More for less is always better

I am so glad we purchased our system from Solo-Solar. They saved us almost $10,000 in total cost, AND we ended up with a larger system than what our alarm company tried to sell us. I would highly recommend this company because they sell at a reasonable  price while using high quality equipment.

- Going solar has been a great experience

I would sincerely recommend going solar for anyone worried about their electric bill. Solo-Solar designed and installed our system 4 months ago and we are still producing enough power to offset our bill. A big thanks to the Solo-Solar team for making it a smooth and easy process to save us money.

- If you want solar, use Solo-Solar

We were very pleased with how professional the installers were in making sure our existing landscaping went undamaged. A month later they contacted me to come replace one inverter that didn't show enough production. We have seen zero issues since then and are glad to be with a company that continuously looks after our system making sure it works properly.

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