Caution: Too Much Spending Ahead

Below are some images of various average monthly electricity bills for our area. Each calculation is based on an average inflation rate of 3.5% yearly. Looking back at the history of inflation and its affect on electric as some years are more than others it averages out to between 3-5% in a 10 year span. We use 3.5% to error on the safe side, so keep in mind these numbers could be even higher. Find which picture is closest to your average monthly bill and see for yourself just how much you will pay in total for electricity in the next 10-20 years.

$100 inflation.png
$120 inflation.png
$150 inflation.png
$170 inflation.png
Did you know to purchase a solar panel system right now could cost almost HALF of those numbers?!
AND the solar panel system has a life expectancy of 25+ years with little to no maintenance needed!